About me

I am Andrea Speets a Dutch artist.
I like to paint thoughts and emotions and how quickly they changes in life. Main question behind my work is who are we and what am I. This is what I want to capture on my canvas.
I am not searching for a perfect end result or any judgement from myself, which is a huge challenge in making my art. I like to be as free as possible in my decisions during the process of my work. I paint passionately without noticing time or space. Working with my bare hands makes that I stay in touch with the materials. My work is distinctive but also often combined with sensual brushstrokes and movements. My female energy is intergraded into my work. Making my art is a never ending process and a way of living for me.

A little background.
I was born and raise in the Netherlands where I still live and work today. During my childhood I never had the possibility to explore the world of art or had the opportunity to take painting lessons. I was always interested in art and colors and the emotions of people, but life took me first on other paths. 

After raising my three son' s I had finally more time for my art and to devolpment my skills. On 30 december 2022 my middle son died at the age of 19 year, totally out of the blue, Afther months of beeing in a state of coma and trying to survive I made the best decision of my life,to go on in making my art and live my life as the best I can, I am very gratefull beeing a mother for my son's and having the oppurtunity in making my art as long as I can. 

I live and work in my own studio that gives me the freedom and space to interact with my work every day whenever I want or when the artworks needs my attention. 

I hope to inspire people but above all I want to share my passion, my passion for life which reflects in my art. 
Art speaks without words.