About me

I am Andrea Speets a  Dutch artist, and I love to paint emotions, thoughts and movements, in my own distinctive abstract style. They manifest free, passionately and without expectations or rules.on my canvas. I like to observe people and think about the emotions and expressions which I see behind the words they. speak. My art is my language.

The decisions I make during the process of the artwork are intuitive and not followed by my rational mind. It's a temporarily relationship which I have with a true connection. I love to work on bare feet and with bare hands to be in contact with the materials. But a lot I use brushes and palette knifes too.

A little background.
I was born and raise in the Netherlands where I still live and work today. During my childhood I never had the possibility to explore the world of art or had the opportunity to take painting lessons. I was always interested in art and colors and the emotions of people, but life took me first on other paths. I started as a hairdresser later I worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a management assistant. I was always restless and searching for my true passion. In 2013 there was a turning point, by coincidence I took some art lessons, first in drawing later in painting. In those lessons I learnt basic skills but I felted always very uncomfortable. I decided that I wanted to create on my own without distractions. Also I wanted to stay free in my choices how to create my work. From that point I never stopped painting anymore.

I live and work in my own studio that gives me the freedom and space to interact with my work every day whenever I want or when the artworks needs my attention. For me it's a way of living it's always communicate with me.

The challenge for me is to confront my canvas and stay connect during the process of the artwork to come to an end result that people moves, inspires, get touched and be loved by it. But above all I want to share my passion, my passion for life which reflects in my art.