Paper art

If you looking for something unique and special for yourself or as a personal gift for somenone.

The idea of this decoration line to make beautifull abstract energy expressions in all kind of colours.

I make them on handmade raw cotton paper.

Without thinking I want to stay in that particulary mood of the color. 
 I feel so much joy to create theme between my other artworks.

To make it special and unique you can hang this paperwork in a personal hangingsysteem. on your wall. 
Availlible in metal or wood.  Also there is a possibility to change several paperworks whenever you want or feel.
The colour shall bring you joy and inspiration while looking at.

Depending on your own style you can choose the hangingsysteem you want

Water element 1
prusisian blue
price 25= euro

Water element 2
Ultramarine blue
Price 25=euro

Water element 3
Ultramarine blue
Price 25=euro