When my middle son in 2022 died at the age of 19 years old, totally out of the blue, I was in shock. I felted straight away that a part of me died that day too. I knew that I shall never be able to heal that part. 

But during the first months of his death I felted a strong innerdrive to express my emotions and feelings into words, combined with my art and my photos. It helps me to go on. Some are written in English and some are in Dutch.

It's the connection which I really feel in body and soul that he is always with me in his beautifull strong energy.. 

I saw you 
In the falling light

I saw what I knew
That everything is allright

I hear you now
And I see you clear

I know you now
And accept my life
To let you go... without fear

What if
The morning is not there

We only have moments
What if

The mornings are empty
And moments passing by

You are
Not away
You are
What I see

I am
Not away
I am
Where you are

Voor altijd het leven
Voor altijd bij jouw

Voor altijd heel even
Voor altijd was heel gauw