News and Info

Framed artwork

A lot of my works are framed and ready to hang. I choose often wooden frames. The frame gives the artwork the final touch and from that point I can leave my work to the futher owner. If you have any questions about this feel free to contact me on my contact page. 

Tools and material

I work with professional acrylic paint. Also when the artwork needs it I use spraypaint or other  mixed media. Layer by layer I build my work and at the end I use varnish for protection. I work a lot with palette knifes but also all kinds of brushes. Working with my bare hands gives me the feeling of real connection with my work. I work with quality canvases with a wooden frame.

Art cataloque

From time to time a make a cataloque containing my latest works. It's a hard cover gloss book.You can see the artwork in front, on the side and as a closeup, together with the discription.. It gives a beautifull impression of the works. If you are interested in bying a cataloque from me,please contact me on my contact page for more information.

Certificate of authenticity

If you buy a original Andrea, you will always receive a Certificate of Authenticity to quarantee that you have an original piece, signed with my signature..